Southern Power Ladies Day

14th July, 2014

Invite ladies day

You’re invited to our annual Ladies Day!
Celebrating and recognising the women involved in our club, on and off field.

Saturday 19 July, Gwawley Oval
All teams play Penrith

8:30 Women’s game
- handball competition at half time for female spectators
-presentation of BOG and light refreshments under the marquee post game
- bake off entries open

10:30 U19s game
- kicking competition at half time for spectators|
- presentation of BOG on the ground post game (voted by female panel)

Ladies lunch ($10 BBQ, salad and drink) begins from 12pm under the marquee.

12:30 Division 3 game
- ladies lunch
- guest speaker at half time
- presentation of BOG on the ground post game

2:30 Division 1 game
- bake off winner announced at quarter time
- presentation of BOG on the ground post game

AND from 6:30pm karaoke will be on at Club Kirrawee. Don’t forget, there’s a dress theme (musician, band, etc) and a prize for best dressed at Karaoke.

Bring your mum, sister, partner, aunty or grandma down to Gwawley to make a great atmosphere and show your support for ladies in AFL.

Power aim for three men’s teams in 2015

2nd July, 2014

In 2013, Southern Power 3rd grade competed in Sydney AFL Division 5.

This week the club has announced its intention to once again field 3 senior men’s teams in 2015.

The committee has formed a working group aimed at putting together a squad of players to achieve this goal.

Those considering playing in 2015 are encouraged to express their interest by contacting Aaron Condon – 0410 537 006, or Nathan Lenehan – 0428 281 020,

A program is also being put together which will allow interested players to gain experience, training and potentially participate in some Division 3 games this season.

Flashback Friday – Trent Chatterton

27th June, 2014

Trent ChattertonName: Trent Chatterton
Nickname: Teece / TC / TC Jnr / Goldenboot
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 1989 – 2004
Position Played: Centre Half Back
Seasons on Committee: Reserve Grade Coach approx. 1998/1999

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
6 goals in this years old Boys
Being 2 point down and winning the game after the siren with a 50M torpedo and then turning up next year with my boot spray painted golden
Securing a key position in first grade
Any win against Manly
My first BOG in first grade vs Wollongong and the piss up afterwards
The countless bus trips returning from away games and the songs we sung
The trips away – so many – so unforgettable – so much fun and madness

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Being a Sharks fan and having played as a shark in the traditional Blue Black and White and having sung with pride and passion the sharks song it was a hard transition to see the club become ‘The Power’. But I get it. The change had it necessities and change is inevitable. One thing I can say for certain is the club has evolved and continues to evolve in a good way and is stronger today than it was in my day. A lot of my good friends in the club Dan Johnston, Kevin Portsmouth, Jason Dougherty and Stuart Cloney to name a few were significant contributors in that. One thing is for certain we sure as hell never looked like taking out a division one premiership in my day.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
It means I get to look fondly back at my time at the club. It means I get to call myself an Old Boy. It the sense of pride I get every time I drive down Taren Point Road. It’s the skills I get to teach and pass on to my son, but most of all it’s the memories, the friendships and the good times that I get to take to the grave and will always look back on with joy.

What’s your funniest story from your time at the club?
Dean ‘hip hip’ Loray and his attempt to display his tackling skills by taking out a wheelie bin after a massive drinking session at Shoalhaven RSL. He run full speed at this thing hoping to drive it for miles down the road not realising the bin was secured in place by a concreted steel pole. The thing collapsed then reformed throwing him backwards 5 meters and landing him on his arse with a busted shoulder. My god I laughed sooooo hard.

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Make the most of it while you are young and fit – the body fails well before the heart and mind.
Be there for the club as without volunteers the club would not be there for you.
Don’t be ‘clicky’ everyone is an important part of the team.
Say thanks to the committee and coaching staff – it is otherwise a thankless job.
Be Committed, Courageous and Confident.

Match of the week: Southern Power Youth Girls

25th June, 2014

YG First Win sqSouthern Power Youth Girls 8.6.54 to Drummoyne Power 6.3.39

It was Power v Power last Sunday when the Southern Power U14′s Youth Girls team took on Drummoyne Power Youth Girls at Waratah. The Southern Power girls really stood up and worked together for the whole game to bring home their first ever win in front of their record crowd.

The game was opened by Drummoyne’s strong midfield who’s big boot and strong fend off saw the first goal of the match. This woke up the girls from the Shire who then switched on for the remainder of the match.

Carmen worked great as the Power Tower in the ruck, and together with Kyla, Annie, Megs and Sam were able to adjust their ruck work throughout the day to ensure that Southern Power won the majority of the rucks. The girls were able to change their plays and showed variety and depth in their options while being able to respond and adjust to the opposition defence.

Solid defence and team work restricted the effective scoring shots from Drummoyne. Caitlin led the defence for Southern Power and has mastered the art of effective shepherds to protect her team mates in both defence and attack. Special mention to young Sam as well who, while only little, is a tackling machine and put lots of pressure on the opposition throughout her work in defence and in the middle.

Olivia had a blinder in her first game back from injury (netball, it’s dangerous!) and was able to provide lots of pace in the attack and notched a couple of goals. Emily supported her in the forwards as well and the girls worked well together to ensure that there were numbers at the ball in the attacking half.

Kyla is the baby in the team at 10 years old but took on Drummoyne’s most lethal player in the middle by outrunning her but when size became an issue, Carmen provided great second efforts with her tackling and defence.


Annie was again proving her value and provided a great and accurate left boot all day to bounce the ball out of the half back flank as well as providing the run into the attack. One wouldn’t believe that Megs was only playing her 3rd game of AFL as she was able to be in the right place at the right time, as well as helping out in the rotations in the centre.


The coaches (Lozz and Huggies), couldn’t be more proud and along with the families and friends of the girls, they were rather vocal and animated on the sideline as the clock ticked down!


With the scores level at 3 quarter time, being so close to their first win (as well as some lollies at the final break) helped put fire in their bellies. Drummoyne were kept goalless in the final term but Southern Power slotted two late goals, coming home with a 15 point victory 8.6.54 to 6.3.39. It showed perseverance, passion and determination that will see them slot right into the Women’s team after they have seen a few more winter seasons of footy.

Friday Flashback – Daniel Johnston

20th June, 2014

First Grade 1998 Daniel JohnstonName: Dan Johnston
Nickname: Johno
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 1996 to 2003
Position Played: Half forward, half back/back pocket
Seasons on Committee: Senior Co-Coach (2004), Under 18’s Coach (2002 & 2003), President (2000), Registrar, fundraising and social (1997 to 1999).

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
Johno: Being part of a fantastic club that was predominately run by the players. Being part of a re-building process both on and off the field to help to provide a platform for future success.
Coaching the Under 18’s to a Grand Final berth with a great bunch of players. Being made a Life Member and my first game in the ‘Ones’. Not to mention all the memories and friendship forged over the time involved.

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Johno: Being part of the re-introduction of the Under 18’s, with Terry Cummins leading the way. Coaching the boys in 2002 and 2003, and still seeing a large number of them running around today and being part of the great success that the club has seen for numerous years.
Having an Under 18/19 side is a very important part of maintaining success in the future.
The level of professionalism has steadily increased year on year by both the club and the league.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
Johno: The unforgettable comradery, memories and friendships forged throughout my time at the club. Wonderful (and forgettable) nights at the “Bizzo’s” and various other establishments for after game functions and the ensuing pain the following morning (both from playing and consuming). Not to mention the pre-season and end of season trips.

What’s your funniest story from your time at the club?
Johno: Could be Nato’s dream during the Bateman’s Bay pre-season trip. Could be Nato’s ‘Good Luck’ tea bag at the Canberra casino that exploded all over the blackjack table (which they duly cleaned and allowed play to resume). Could be the fact that approx. fifteen footy players can fit into a four person spa, and spa’s don’t work that well with no water once fifteen players have removed themselves. Could be the Bateman’s Bay pre-season trip with Kev’s journey through the wrong bathroom window to a very surprised couple awoken from there slumber in the early hours of the morning. Then the ensuing early morning bus trip home as a result of being asked to leave (or evicted) post Kev’s spiderman prowess. Could be the end of season trip to Surfers Paradise which has got to be one of the best ever with a great afternoon spent with the Burleigh Bears. But as they say, “What happens on tour, stay on tour (unless it’s a pre-season tour that is)”.

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Johno: The time you spend with this club will be looked back upon for many, many years to come. The stories just get better and better, and a little more exaggerated (just ask TC how far his goal was from). Also, being a previous committee member, many hands make light work. A club like Cronulla Sutherland/Southern Sharks/Southern Power needs everyone to get in and help out and the future will be bright and successful.