‘Attitude reflects leadership, Captain’

16th April, 2014

We’re sure most of you by now would have heard the quote from the movie, Remember the Titans, ‘attitude reflects leadership, Captain’.

It may have come from a Hollywood blockbuster but these words ring true for many facets of life and with the Captains selected for 2014, we’re confident that our great club culture will continue to thrive.

At our Season Launch a few weeks ago Matt Young was named as Captain of our Senior’s and Liam Pollard for the U19′s. This news was followed up, in a move that should not come as a surprise to anyone, that Kathryn Hull has been named as Captain of the Women’s team for the fourth year running (literally running as she just doesn’t stop)!

We’ve taken the time to catch up with our Captains during the week and have a chat about what the club means to them and what they see as important leadership qualities.

Captain Profiles

Name: Matt Young (Youngy)
Years playing AFL: 8
Years at Power: 8 (2007 U18 team)
Youngy is also the clubs senior mens Registrar.

Name: Kathryn Hull (Huggies)
Years playing AFL: 8
Years at Power: 5
Huggies is also club Secretary and Women’s & U19s Registrar.

Name: Liam Pollard (Polly)
Years playing AFL: 12
Years at Power: 4

What does it mean to you to be a Captain of Southern Power and what do you think the role of a Captain is?

Youngy: This Club obviously means a lot to me, so the opportunity to be Captain is something I am very proud about it. I feel very humble in being named Captain considering the Captains that I have played with since my time at the Power. The role of Captain in my eyes is to be doing the right thing on and off the field and to make sure everyone is enjoying their footy. Attributes that I believe are important in a leader is enthusiasm and a strong work ethic. Both these qualities are contagious especially around a footy club.

Huggies: Growing up I held a great respect for those leaders that go above and beyond on and off the field so to be recognised as one of these means a lot to me. I think a team leader should believe in hard work, motivation, encouragement, respect and fair play and be able to walk the talk with these qualities. Remember respect is earned – they lead, train harder, motivate and mentor, promote a harmonious working group, enforce positive attitude and encouragement and promote fair play and they have to be honest.

Polly: Being Captain means a lot to me because it’s something I always wanted to achieve. The role of captain in my eyes would be the person alongside the coach to help lead and push the team to keep improving on and off the field. A good leader shows commitment, has a positive attitude and uses their intuition.

What does our club motto ‘Power in unity’ mean to you?

Youngy: ‘Power in unity’ to me means that regardless of your gender, experience, position that we are all in it together. Essentially helping out your mate.

Huggies: It’s a great team and club motto. It promotes team work. It is a history as well as a future. It promotes a path and a common goal. I think it promotes ownership and accountability. It means that the on-baller can’t be the first out of the pack, score the goal, stop another and ruck all at the same time. It means that someone can’t coach, run water, time keep and umpire. It means that someone can’t run canteen, run the committee, schedule a roster, bank cheques and complete all the duties. I think it means that we have all decided on a direction and we are all going there together.

Polly: My understanding of Power in Unity is when everyone comes together to work as a single unit not an individual, for example a game of footy when we all work together we will be very hard club to beat. So as a club if we continue to follow our club motto we will continue to achieve great things!

What do you want to see Power achieve over the next few years?

Youngy: We have tasted success over the last couple of years, obviously the ones and the thirds winning grand finals and the women’s team making the grand final for the first time ever last year. After tasting that success hopefully we can continue to be there or there about come September time.

Huggies: Progression and expansion – While Div 5 was unable to get up and running this year steps are already being put into place for the foundation of a team for next year, and the club are working on developing pathways and links with the junior clubs to ensure that we can hold on and develop passionate young footballers from the Shire. The Women’s team are fielding more girls and are continuing to work on a pathway for their juniors to come through to opens. For someone that came from the foundation team when we would ‘bring a friend’ to get the numbers for a game, this is encouraging and finally rewarding. But I know there was years and hard work to get there with recruiting, pamphlets, minimal numbers, newspaper articles and social media bombardment but it was all worth it.

Polly: For the club to keep expanding and hopefully obtain the numbers so that power can have a team in each division in the coming years.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to our members and supporter?

Youngy: Thank you for your continued support over the last couple of years. As a club we truly appreciate it. Make sure as a club we continue to help out our sponsors as they have helped us.

Huggies: Power in Unity. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”

Polly: I would like to encourage everyone to continue to work hard like we did all preseason to continuously improve yourself as a player and the club as a group.

Thanks to our Captains for having a chat and we wish you all the best for the rest of the season.

Flashback Friday – Bek Lucas

11th April, 2014

Bek_Lucas_Friday_FlashbackWe recently had a chat with Bek Lucas to launch a series of ‘Flashback Fridays’. We thought it would be a great way to keep up to date with what some of the past players are doing now, and give our newer members an insight into the history of the club.

Big thank you to Bek for taking the time to answer these questions and also for the ongoing support she gives to the Power club!

Name: Rebekah Lucas
Nickname: Bek
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 2009-2011
Position Played: Midfield
Seasons on Committee (what role): Social Organiser one year I think?

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
Bek: The highlights occurred after I left but it was great to be one of the people involved in the build up. Probably the best highlight is increasing the number of women & girls playing the game and now the women’s team no longer struggles to have enough players on the field each game. The first couple of years we often played short and recruited, friends, family and even our mothers to come and take up some space on the field. Many a phone call was had 5 mins before kick-off to get another player on the field. We did a range of recruitment drives including putting signs up over the Shire, recruiting in nightclubs / pubs and spruiking in the streets. It is an accomplishment that the team has close to 30players each year who are committed and involved in the team and the club.

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Bek: I have played women’s footy for over 10 years and the League has changed dramatically. The most significant is the level of skills and the types of players that played footy. Initially teams that had the largest and strongest girls usually won the competition regardless of skills, as really no players had any. 5 years later and the women playing started to be more athletic and agile, so teams had to improve skills to compete and win games. Its hard to imagine but the competition 12yrs ago comprised of 4 teams, we played on a half field of 9 players on a team. To now having 2 competitions as well as a Junior girls competition is a huge change from when I started playing.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
Bek: One of the most outstanding things Power does well is inclusion for all. The Women’s team and I have played for a few clubs over the years and no other clubs include women the same way in which Power does. Most other women’s team run separately from the men’s teams and are governed by the women who play. At Southern Power women are part of the management of the club generally, the needs of the women’s team are considered by the committee and all the teams train and socialise together. That is what makes Southern Power so unique and special for me.

Will you be making an appearance at the Old Boys match this year? Saturday 31 May, Div 1 vs St George.
The boys might get upset if I show them up!

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Bek: Good luck this season.




7th April, 2014

2ssr_index_headbanner1In a great show of faith in Southern Power and AFL in the Shire, local radio station 2SSR 99.7fm are going to broadcast the results of our matches each week on their Sunday night (7pm) program Sideline Eyes:.

In addition to providing the listeners with the weekly scores, Sideline Eyes will also do regular features on Southern Power and promote our events and functions such as the auctioning of the signed Swans jumper and our fan favourite trivia night.

Tune in to 99.7fm from 7pm on a Sunday and follow Sideline Eyes on Facebook to stay up to date with sport within the Shire and beyond: https://www.facebook.com/theorangepeelers
Sideline Eyes

Our President, Lozz was on the show last Sunday to chat about members day which is being held on Saturday 12 April at Gwawley Oval.

Get around them and show your support and appreciation!

Tune in every Sunday night at 7pm.
Visit the website: www.2ssr.com.au
Follow/like them on facebook: www.facebook.com/theorangepeelers


Swans Jumper Auction

26th March, 2014

SwansJumperAuctionAs you may be aware Southern Power AFC has signed on HeartKids NSW as our community partner for the 2014 season. HeartKids is a registered Health Charity dedicated to providing support for families of children with heart disease. They aim to ensure that parents and families aren’t struggling on their own and to create a network of support.

To help raise much needed funds for HeartKids NSW Southern Power AFC is auctioning a Sydney Swans jumper signed by all members of the 2012 team. This is a reserve price auction and all bids must be placed on the Southern Power AFC Facebook page: Southern Power Facebook Page

Bidding is open from now until 6pm Saturday 12 April 2014.

The winning bidder will be announced that night at our new off field home at Club Kirrawee, 101 Oak Rd Kirrawee.

  • 2012 –Sydney Swans Premiership Jumper
  • 149 of 400
  • Team Signed
  • Fully framed -as you see in the picture
  • Reserve Price Auction
  • All proceeds go directly to HeartKidsNSW
  • Bid via Southern Power Facebook site
  • All bidding is final
  • Auction to close at 6pm April 12th

Thank you Clean Up Australia Day Volunteers

20th March, 2014

Clean Up Aus Day 2014A big thank you to those who volunteered their time for Clean Up Australia Day recently.

- We cleaned up for 2 hours in the morning drizzle of the 2nd day of Autumn.
- Cleaned up 8 or so of those material bags just from Gwawley and it’s perimeter.
- Most collected item would be sports bottles and most unusual item found was a pair of Dora the Explorer Pants.
- Fortress Gwawley is now ready for the Power’s 2014 Campaign.