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Southern Power AFC is committed to providing all players a safe and enjoyable environment to play football. We understand that factors outside of football can have an impact on a player’s enjoyment and performance on the field. For this reason we have created the Power Player Welfare Committee who are experienced in managing people and can provide players with a fully confidential avenue to discuss their off-field life should they feel they need such contact.

The club has created a welfare officer role for the 2021 season which is currently available to youth girls members. We view the wellbeing of our members as a priority and are hoping to expand this to be available to senior players soon.

Contact is Kylie McNair / Deanna Ireland or to ask the YG committee generalised questions please email


  • An alternative point of contact to manager or coach;

  • Help induct our younger and newer players and support girls transition from Youth to Womens.

  • Consider implementation of a buddy system when players are moving from Youth to senior teams;

  • Check-in on the wellbeing of players injured or suffering from illness, and together with the coach and manager, keep them involved in the club and team.

  • Keep team updated on injured players via Medical Officer;

  • Be present and accessible at training and on game day;

  • Liaise with AFL Community Officers if needed;

  • Together with the manager organise social gatherings

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