U19s coach Abe Caroca believes success is built off the field

12th May, 2014

Under 19s coach Abe Caroca has been around the Power for just on a decade now.
We look back at what he has achieved and what he has planned for the future.

Abe has been around the Power for a decade now but his involvement in AFL extends a whopping 33 years going back to his junior days around the nation.

When Abe hung up the boots, he saw his passion for the game move into the coaching arena (although he comes out of retirement here or there if the Seniors are short). Abe’s coaching resume includes coaching U10s, U16s, U16s Reps, Swans Academy and U18s and U19s with the Power.

Abe believes that success is built around what happens off the field. A disciplined attitude towards training, being a team player and attending team and club functions all contribute to on-field success.

And Abe has had plenty of that over his AFL career and has played with and against some household names.

There’s the day Allen Jakovich gave Abe an absolute bath up in Darwin. He’d just gotten off a plane, while Abe had just walked out of a nightclub, it was never going to be pretty. Or perhaps the day Abe lined up in the Uni Games against a Ronald McDonald statue. He was “recruited” the night before from a local Maccas (footy seemed a lot less serious back then). But in the end, Abe’s favourite memory would have to be the day he was lucky enough to play in a side with 5 Longs and 4 Riolis. It was Magic!

Abe did have one very odd superstition when he played. He insisted on wearing same colour undies as the opposition guernsey!

As a coach, Abe’s first success was with the Miranda Bombers U16s that went undefeated all year. Abe wants to continue to climb the ladder in the coaching ranks and has a position with the Swans Academy. He believes the game is ever-evolving and as a coach, you need to keep up with the trends including designing plans for today’s fast paced running game.

One year, Abe did try ‘life without footy’ but for most, the passion never dies and Abe quickly found his way back after fathering three kids and putting on 15kg! He’s definitely that mean and lean fitness machine again these days and balances family life with footy life.

The Power is like a family to Abe and he well and truly represents the spirit of our great club. In closing, Abe would like to thank all the people who work pretty damned hard behind the scenes.

“It’s never too late to help out in even the smallest way, no matter how ‘retired’ you are,” Abe says.

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