Sydney 2 CAMberra Charity ride – fundraising for SIDS

5th February, 2012

Craigys brother in law has been organising a charity bike ride from Sydney to Canberra over 2 days in March.

The 1st day they are riding from Moorebank to Goulburn which is 170 kms and the 2nd day from Goulburn to Canberra and back out to Sutton which is 110 kms.

The reason for this ride is because in September 2011 Criagys brother in laws best friend and his wife (Graham and Nadine) lost their baby boy Cameron at 38 weeks.

The name of the ride is Sydney 2 CAMberra in Cameron’s honour.

The ride is to raise awareness of Stillbirth and support those families that are devastated when they lose their unborn child. SIDS and KIDS NSW have also been offering free counselling and support to people who lose their children through Stillbirth and SIDS for years. For this reason all monies raised will be donated evenly to SIDS and KIDS NSW and the Stillbirth Foundation of Australia.

Now it is time to reach out to try to raise some funds for this worthy cause. Any donations however big or small are much appreciated as they try and help those affected by Stillbirth and SIDS.

The below link is to the fundraising page.

Your support is appreciated.

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