Southern Power Old Boys 2014

5th June, 2014

Old boys collageLast Saturday, what is left of the old boys turned up on a fantastic Saturday morning to have another run around for old times’ sake. We numbered only about 20 in total however a few of the U19’s kitted up to fill out our ranks. After a very lazy kick to kick warm up (most of us were too scared to stretch) Dave Tramian gave a quick pre match address thanking us all for coming down wishing us all good luck and suggesting we keep out tackles to a moderate level. Within 30 seconds of the first bounce Nicko came flying in late into Nunnies back with a sickening crunch that reverberated around the ground. Thankfully this didn’t set the benchmark for the rest of the day and the game was played mostly in good spirits. Although Kevvy did manage a late game square up on Nikko with a freight train like hit that was delivered later than a 1900’s postal service.

The game was played on a shortened ground however there still seemed to be a bucket of space. I put this down mostly due to the time it took any of us to cover 10 meters of turf. TC on the wing was alleged to have not washed for months as no one went within 20 meters of him for the whole game. Thankfully there were no real injuries to report – Pete Stevens had a sore shoulder and Nilly had his head buried in the centre of the ground when Kev’s hip accidentally fell on it.

The looks, the stamina the speed and the bodies may have all gone but there still remained some good skills and impressive talent in small doses. At the end of the day inside outs beat outside outs nine goals to three with TC bagging 6, Nunny dominating in the ruck and Pete Stevens in his elusive way still racking up lots of possessions. The old Sharkies song was sung loud and proud arm in arm at the end of the match and you could see the pride, joy and emotion that still gives to us all.

Beers, stories, catch-ups and great mateship was shared while hanging around to watch ressies and first grade. Let’s make an effort to build numbers for next year it would be a great shame to see this day fade away and I think we all need to make an effort to prevent that. A massive thanks to the Club and committee for continuing to support this day. This game, this club, this tradition is a part of our lives and one I want to see continue on for many years to come.

Written by one of the Old Boys.

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