Southern Power Bake Off!

18th April, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen of Southern Power. This Saturday, the 20th of April marks one of the most competitive weeks of the Southern Power calendar. This Saturday, is the Annual Southern Power International Bake-Off Championships Series (better known internationally as the ASPIBOCS) to commemorate Ladies Day.

This, my friends, is Mate vs Mate – Cake vs Cake.

This prestigious award has had a very colourful background in recent years. Who could forget those magic scones that controversially took out the championship, creating an uproar within the Association, with then Captain Phil Hamer protesting for months afterwards as to the legality of the ‘baked good’ – forever changing the way contestants approach the contest.

2011’s ASPIBOCS shook the association to the core, and tested the very foundations the competition was built on, when the controversial entry from Bart Sheedy took out the honours. Mr Sheedy ‘got the chocolates’ with a Mars Bar Slice. Now, I for one was distraught at how such a travesty could occur, as the desert was a slice, with limited baking involved. And let it be known, I wasn’t alone. So to the judges of this year’s ASPIBOCS, I implore you to adhere by the judging criteria that has made this competition one of the most honoured on the international baking scene.

Then, who could forget 2012 ASPIBOCS’ fairy tale story. Club AND sport new-comer, Patricia Tidswell had her name engraved on the trophy with the much-loved sticky date cupcakes. They were cooked with so much love, she found love in the process; winning the heart of club stalwart Cheyne the Ox Anderson to keep in her trophy room.

So be sure to buy your Betty Crocker pre-mix cakes, pre-heat those ovens, mix those batters, spread that frosting and let the friendly sabotage begin. Be entrenched in International Baking history by taking part in the 2013 ASPIBOCS. Make no mistake, there is no such thing as a ‘friend’ in the world of the Annual Southern Power International Bake-Off Championship Series – there’s only one winner, and a lot of losers.

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