Reserves and 3rd Grade Coaching Appointments

18th February, 2013

It gives the Coaching Committee great pleasure to announce Ian Holder has been appointed Reserve Grade Coach for 2013. Holdsy is a highly respected player and on-field leader and brings enormous experience and talent to an important role. To support Ian, Andrew Cluff and Chris Guild will be assistant coaches and help with management duties each week. Please join us in wishing Ian and the team great success this year.

We are also pleased to announce Brad Cavanagh (Cav) as Coach of the Southern Power 3rd Grade team for 2013. Cav brings an enormous wealth of football experience and passion for the Club to this position and we are absolutely certain he will lead the team to great things this year. As you may know, the 3rds will be playing in Div 5 in what we see as a rebuilding year for the team. Cav is the ideal man to unite players – young and old alike – into a force to be reckoned with both on and off the field. Please join with us in congratulating Cav on his appointment.

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