Power to have 3rd Grade side in 2010

12th November, 2009

The Power is very pleased to announce that we have nominated for a 3rd Grade side for 2010. With an influx of this year Under 18’s expected, along with a lot of interest when the idea was floated the club thinks we are once again ready to field this side. This will not only add a lot of depth to the club but also will allow players who can’t necessarily make training 2 nights a week the opportunity to still play on weekends and be part of the club.

With the good results last year and the addition of many of the very successful Under 18’s team to the club through all grades it is expected that the side will be very competitive in the Division 4 competition.

Should you be interested in playing in 3rd Grade or any other grade in the 2010 season please make sure you contact the Power at info@southernpower.com.au and we will add you to the players database for all news and info about the club.

One of the major things required to make this 3rd Grade side a success is support staff so if you or someone you know is interested in assisting the team please let us know.

Go Power!!!

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