Home Game Player Roster (Men’s Team)

7th April, 2010

Download Home Game Player Roster (first half of the season). Please print this off and keep a copy.

Each home game there are a lot of jobs to do and we all need to chip in and help. If you cannot do the day you have been rostered on for it is YOUR responsibility to swap with someone else. Fines apply for those who don’t turn up for their job…

Each Thursday night before a home game Graffy will have a list for those rostered on. Any problems speak with Graffy.

Rostered on this weekend are:

Aaron Condon, Andrew Paine, Chris Guild, Chris Guldbrandsen, David Bell, Duane Wild, Harley Mangham, Leigh Hitchcock, Libba, Matt Graham, Matthew Young, Michael Greer, Mumbles, Nick Noonan, Ryan Fornasari, Ryan Pappas, Shaun Higgerson, Sting, Stuart Brierty, Tom Condon.

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