Friday Flashback – Daniel Johnston

20th June, 2014

First Grade 1998 Daniel JohnstonName: Dan Johnston
Nickname: Johno
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 1996 to 2003
Position Played: Half forward, half back/back pocket
Seasons on Committee: Senior Co-Coach (2004), Under 18’s Coach (2002 & 2003), President (2000), Registrar, fundraising and social (1997 to 1999).

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
Johno: Being part of a fantastic club that was predominately run by the players. Being part of a re-building process both on and off the field to help to provide a platform for future success.
Coaching the Under 18’s to a Grand Final berth with a great bunch of players. Being made a Life Member and my first game in the ‘Ones’. Not to mention all the memories and friendship forged over the time involved.

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Johno: Being part of the re-introduction of the Under 18’s, with Terry Cummins leading the way. Coaching the boys in 2002 and 2003, and still seeing a large number of them running around today and being part of the great success that the club has seen for numerous years.
Having an Under 18/19 side is a very important part of maintaining success in the future.
The level of professionalism has steadily increased year on year by both the club and the league.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
Johno: The unforgettable comradery, memories and friendships forged throughout my time at the club. Wonderful (and forgettable) nights at the “Bizzo’s” and various other establishments for after game functions and the ensuing pain the following morning (both from playing and consuming). Not to mention the pre-season and end of season trips.

What’s your funniest story from your time at the club?
Johno: Could be Nato’s dream during the Bateman’s Bay pre-season trip. Could be Nato’s ‘Good Luck’ tea bag at the Canberra casino that exploded all over the blackjack table (which they duly cleaned and allowed play to resume). Could be the fact that approx. fifteen footy players can fit into a four person spa, and spa’s don’t work that well with no water once fifteen players have removed themselves. Could be the Bateman’s Bay pre-season trip with Kev’s journey through the wrong bathroom window to a very surprised couple awoken from there slumber in the early hours of the morning. Then the ensuing early morning bus trip home as a result of being asked to leave (or evicted) post Kev’s spiderman prowess. Could be the end of season trip to Surfers Paradise which has got to be one of the best ever with a great afternoon spent with the Burleigh Bears. But as they say, “What happens on tour, stay on tour (unless it’s a pre-season tour that is)”.

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Johno: The time you spend with this club will be looked back upon for many, many years to come. The stories just get better and better, and a little more exaggerated (just ask TC how far his goal was from). Also, being a previous committee member, many hands make light work. A club like Cronulla Sutherland/Southern Sharks/Southern Power needs everyone to get in and help out and the future will be bright and successful.

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