Flashback Friday – Bek Lucas

11th April, 2014

Bek_Lucas_Friday_FlashbackWe recently had a chat with Bek Lucas to launch a series of ‘Flashback Fridays’. We thought it would be a great way to keep up to date with what some of the past players are doing now, and give our newer members an insight into the history of the club.

Big thank you to Bek for taking the time to answer these questions and also for the ongoing support she gives to the Power club!

Name: Rebekah Lucas
Nickname: Bek
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 2009-2011
Position Played: Midfield
Seasons on Committee (what role): Social Organiser one year I think?

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
Bek: The highlights occurred after I left but it was great to be one of the people involved in the build up. Probably the best highlight is increasing the number of women & girls playing the game and now the women’s team no longer struggles to have enough players on the field each game. The first couple of years we often played short and recruited, friends, family and even our mothers to come and take up some space on the field. Many a phone call was had 5 mins before kick-off to get another player on the field. We did a range of recruitment drives including putting signs up over the Shire, recruiting in nightclubs / pubs and spruiking in the streets. It is an accomplishment that the team has close to 30players each year who are committed and involved in the team and the club.

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Bek: I have played women’s footy for over 10 years and the League has changed dramatically. The most significant is the level of skills and the types of players that played footy. Initially teams that had the largest and strongest girls usually won the competition regardless of skills, as really no players had any. 5 years later and the women playing started to be more athletic and agile, so teams had to improve skills to compete and win games. Its hard to imagine but the competition 12yrs ago comprised of 4 teams, we played on a half field of 9 players on a team. To now having 2 competitions as well as a Junior girls competition is a huge change from when I started playing.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
Bek: One of the most outstanding things Power does well is inclusion for all. The Women’s team and I have played for a few clubs over the years and no other clubs include women the same way in which Power does. Most other women’s team run separately from the men’s teams and are governed by the women who play. At Southern Power women are part of the management of the club generally, the needs of the women’s team are considered by the committee and all the teams train and socialise together. That is what makes Southern Power so unique and special for me.

Will you be making an appearance at the Old Boys match this year? Saturday 31 May, Div 1 vs St George.
The boys might get upset if I show them up!

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Bek: Good luck this season.



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