Flashback Friday – Trent Chatterton

27th June, 2014

Trent ChattertonName: Trent Chatterton
Nickname: Teece / TC / TC Jnr / Goldenboot
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 1989 – 2004
Position Played: Centre Half Back
Seasons on Committee: Reserve Grade Coach approx. 1998/1999

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
6 goals in this years old Boys
Being 2 point down and winning the game after the siren with a 50M torpedo and then turning up next year with my boot spray painted golden
Securing a key position in first grade
Any win against Manly
My first BOG in first grade vs Wollongong and the piss up afterwards
The countless bus trips returning from away games and the songs we sung
The trips away – so many – so unforgettable – so much fun and madness

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Being a Sharks fan and having played as a shark in the traditional Blue Black and White and having sung with pride and passion the sharks song it was a hard transition to see the club become ‘The Power’. But I get it. The change had it necessities and change is inevitable. One thing I can say for certain is the club has evolved and continues to evolve in a good way and is stronger today than it was in my day. A lot of my good friends in the club Dan Johnston, Kevin Portsmouth, Jason Dougherty and Stuart Cloney to name a few were significant contributors in that. One thing is for certain we sure as hell never looked like taking out a division one premiership in my day.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
It means I get to look fondly back at my time at the club. It means I get to call myself an Old Boy. It the sense of pride I get every time I drive down Taren Point Road. It’s the skills I get to teach and pass on to my son, but most of all it’s the memories, the friendships and the good times that I get to take to the grave and will always look back on with joy.

What’s your funniest story from your time at the club?
Dean ‘hip hip’ Loray and his attempt to display his tackling skills by taking out a wheelie bin after a massive drinking session at Shoalhaven RSL. He run full speed at this thing hoping to drive it for miles down the road not realising the bin was secured in place by a concreted steel pole. The thing collapsed then reformed throwing him backwards 5 meters and landing him on his arse with a busted shoulder. My god I laughed sooooo hard.

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Make the most of it while you are young and fit – the body fails well before the heart and mind.
Be there for the club as without volunteers the club would not be there for you.
Don’t be ‘clicky’ everyone is an important part of the team.
Say thanks to the committee and coaching staff – it is otherwise a thankless job.
Be Committed, Courageous and Confident.

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