Flashback Friday – Tony Graf

23rd May, 2014

Tony Graf FF1Name: Tony Graf
Nickname: Graffy
Seasons played with Power/Sharks: 1998 – 2011
Position Played: Mainly fullback/back pocket and CHF
Seasons on Committee (what role): 6 or 7 yrs – Ground/Match Day Sub-committee

In your time at the club what were your personal highlights?
Graffy: Undefeated Div 5 Premiers in 2011 is an obvious highlight. Playing in the 2007 SFA Div 1 GF was another highlight although the manner in which we lost that game in extra time still burns.

Where there any significant changes to the club or league during your time?
Graffy: As far as the club goes, the main changes have been the name change from the Sharks to the Power and the introduction of the Women’s team.
My first few years at the club weren’t the most successful years but from Fitzy’s years at the club in the mid 2000’s we started becoming regular finalists and had a group of hard but also pretty good footballers. That successful culture followed through with Philpy and further success in recent years so it’s been good to see the clubs’ attitude and fortunes on and off the field turn around since my first years at the club.
As far as the league goes, dispensing with the old SFL/SFA divisions and introducing the new Divisions and promotion/relegation has been a massive change which has had some benefits but also some negatives.

What does it mean to you to be a past player, coach, committee member of the Power/Sharks?
Graffy: There’s plenty of moments that I’ll remember for the rest of my life and I’ve had the privilege of playing footy with a lot of really good blokes.

Will you be making an appearance at the Old Boys match this year? Saturday 31 May, Div 1 vs St George.
Graffy: Unfortunately no due to a previous engagement, which is a shame as I was looking forward to towelling up Schultzy. I’ll be there later on to support though.

Any words for the current members and supporters?
Graffy: Enjoy your footy as much as you can while you still can – being part of a great footy club is a fantastic experience that you can’t replicate anywhere else so make the most of the opportunity.

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