Left sock, right sock, left boot, right boot.

18th June, 2014

matt croweMatt Crowe (Crowie), now half way through his second year as coach of the Power Women’s team, began his playing career in the U14s at the Golden Square Football Club, in Bendigo. He played several age groups there before moving to Swan Hill and playing with Tooleybuc, moving back to Bendigo and joining some mates at North Bendigo, then Bears Lagoon/Serpentine followed by a ‘napkin contract’ with his brother-in-law to play at Elmore. When Crowie moved to Sydney, he took a few years off before once again deciding to get back into footy.

He did a few training sessions with UTS but found that the fit wasn’t quite right and so after searching online, he got in touch with the Power, initially just looking to get back into training.

Left sock, right sock, left boot, right boot. It wasn’t long before Crowie’s pre-game ritual made a come back and he joined the playing ranks.

Those who know Crowie well, will not be surprised to hear that he thinks there is a lack of the ‘old toughness’ in the game today, particularly at higher levels. He agrees that nobody wants to see injuries but it seems he believes in old-style footy, no point in wrapping people up in cotton wool.

His players have heard him talk about how after many years in footy, he was lucky to play in six grand finals, winning just one. That one premiership proved to be a particularly memorable one, going undefeated with the Southern Power boys in 2011. He often talks about seizing the opportunity with the group of players you are with right now, because you will likely never have the exact same set of players to stand by your side and being a part of this team is special.

Another career highlight for Crowie was taking the women’s team to the grand final last year and yes, of course he is hoping to go one better this year.

Life outside of footy keeps Crowie pretty busy. In fact, he says the reason he stayed in Sydney is because he met Laila, just weeks before he was considering a move back to Victoria. They are now the proud parents of two year old Cooper and eight month old Jacob.  Between work and family life, Crowie tries to get to as many GWS games as possible. 

Crowie encourages all members and supporters to get involved with this great club. With everyone stretched for resources and time, even the effort of doing half a game in goals, boundary, bbq or canteen can really take the pressure off and help push this club along to the next level. With our great sponsors and huge potential, he believes we have a great opportunity to move our club into the premier league and hopefully also build a 3rd grade and even a second women’s team in a year or two. It might seem like a massive goal to get a second women’s team for a club that is currently in division two, but what a great one to be kicking for!

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