Ryan Murphy



There’s no mistaking White Horse Coffee. Located in the heart of Sutherland, in Sydney’s South, White Horse Coffee is in the business of sourcing, roasting and extracting some of the world’s finest specialty coffee. The Flora Street espresso bar is the hub of the coffee operation. The team of coffee professionals are locally grown, but internationally traveled. Their mission is twofold: extraction and education. 

For years, Murph has made a habit of stopping by for his usual coffee (small long black) on the way to his football games. Next time, why don’t you join him? We’d love you to come and see why Murph says we’re the best coffee in the Shire.

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Name: Ryan Murphy

Nickname: Murph

Relationship Status: Married

Occupation: Lawyer

Age: 27

Hometown: Woronora

Height: 189 cm

Jumper #: 3

Position: Centre-Half Back

Position you think you should play: Just happy to be picked

Previous clubs  Played with: Miranda Bombers

AFL team: Sydney Swans

Favourite AFL Player: Luke Parker

How do you relax? Hammock. Novel. Long Black.

You are an expert at: Civil litigation, employment law, and Candy Crush Saga

Favourite holiday destination: USA

Funniest Teammate (why?): Jack Dickens, because he thinks he is and I want to be picked

Your Best Moment on the Field: Under 10s v Bankstown, I kicked 6 goals. I’ve been asking the coach to start me at Full Forward ever since

Grand Final, Siren’s gone, we are 5 points down… Which teammate kicks the winning goal from 40 out? Cookie… haha, sorry I tried to say that with a straight face… Probably Cashy