Black Dog Day – July 10

30th June, 2010

Black Dog Institute

Pirtek Mascot

Chances are you know someone who has suffered from ‘The Black Dog’ of depression. On Saturday July 10, you have a chance to do something about it!

Depression in young males is a rising medical health problem, which due to the stigma surrounding it, often results in those affected not seeking help or wanting to talk about it and can lead to suicide, which is the third biggest killer among youths and young adults.

Club president William Oakley touched on the subject in a recent interview with the club’s resident journalist and indicated depression was an issue close to his heart and wanted to let the boys know there is somewhere you can turn, if you ever need to.

“Depression in young males is very common and it is often overlooked or ignored,” said Oakley.

“I strongly believe that sporting clubs play a major role in the development of young men and I want the Southern Power to be a place where there will always be support and help if anyone needs it.”

“Being part of sporting clubs my whole life I have seen a lot of guys struggle with many issues, particularly relationship break ups and I want to raise awareness that there are programs out there to help.”

“I think that by bringing this out in the open that the guys will feel more comfortable talking about things with each other so we can potentially address any problems or issues before they get too bad.”

On Saturday July 10 as a footy club, Southern Power in conjunction with The Black Dog Institute is planning on bringing the issue of depression into the open.

On that day first grade players will don a specially designed black guernsey against Balmain Dockers.

That Guernsey will represent both the club and the fight against depression on what should be a huge day of footy at ‘Fortress Gwawley’.

The Guernseys are one-off pieces and to further help Black Dog they will be auctioned off at that nights raffle and karaoke night at Gymea Bowling Club with all proceeds going to The Black Dog institute so they may continue their research and work assisting those who are affected by depression.

So make sure you get along to the day and night festivities and bid for the Guernsey you want the most or for the one your least favourite firsts players will want to buy to drive up the money we raise for a worthy charity.

In addition to this all proceeds from the days matches (sponsored as a one-off by Pirtek with a special thanks to Battery World for giving up the sponsorship for one day) will go directly to the Black Dog Institute.

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