A spectacular season for the Power Women!

15th September, 2014

Huggies and CroweyAh September. The greatest month on the footy calendar. Finals footy has once again come upon us.
After recent success in the last few years, Southern Power continued its Grand final run with the Womens Division 2 Championship being wrapped up like a hot tortilla by Coach Crowe’s troops.

With Blacktown International Sports Park deemed venue of choice it left no home ground advantage for either Southern Power and the Wollongong Saints. The sub-par weather was about as popular as a snake in a sleeping bag, however despite this, it was the Power girls who maintained their undefeated season, 18-0, to be crowned Champions after defeating fellow heavyweights, Wollongong, by a blow out score of 2.6-18 to 1.2-8.

Repartee began early as the Saints banner consisted of the phrase – “Time to flick the switch and turn off the Power!” which left Power fans seething with fury. Determined not to be put off by this poor attempt of classic lingo, Captain Huggies led the team onto a sloppy BISP. It was all happening; the tension, the drama, the buzz, the crowd, the atmosphere. The start of the 2014 Grand Final was underway.

The first quarter was an arm wrestle, coast to coast footy. The conditions made it extremely tough for either side to snag a goal. Dom’s fantastic tackle was as sweet as one of Mike Hussey’s cover drives, one of the highlights of the quarter. Huggies led from the front, keeping the stats man busy; possessions a plenty for the gutsy on-baller. Kristy kept it steady at the back and showed no signs of nerves in her first grand final, who was well supported by Mel C, Tui and Linda. 2 huge points were scored during the opening term, both for the Power – taking a healthy lead into the first break, up 2-nil.

The second quarter was much like the first. The conditions were as welcome as a bacon sandwich at a bar-mitzvah. A change up in the middle saw Pops, Dom and Britt take on the on-baller duties; who did a great job shutting the gate for the raging Saints. Pops made some terrific spoils and Dom was applying great pressure on the Saints players, leaving them sweating like a bag of cats at a greyhound meet every time they touched the Sherrin. Big Jess up front continued to look threatening with the footy as did Junior and Anchor. A few passages of razzle dazzle footy saw the footy work its way from the defensive end to the attacking, with Kristy, Huggies, Sandy, SMASHlee and Clare all having a hand or foot involved. Sandy’s courageous mark would have raised eye brows from even top shelf AFL Players. Sprinting back, with eyes only on the pill, Sandy lept high in the heavens and plucked the footy out of the air, whilst clashing horns with an opposing player. Champagne Aussie Rules, sensational. Despite plenty of forward entries, we just couldn’t snag a big fish, resulting in some slick counter attacks by Wollongong. Half time score; a deadlock, 2 points a piece with one half of footy remaining.

The premiership quarter had the expectations to be a ripper! And didn’t it deliver. Clare was flat out like a lizard drinking, as was Captain Huggies; who was leaving no stone unturned. A renowned big game player, Huggis was definitely living up to, and exceeding, her high standard of footy. A huge third term from Lisa, Bobby, Slurs and Shellee allowed the Power to create their first goal. A majestic set piece saw Shellee take a massive grab just inside the 50 metre arc. In true full forward style, she lined up and uncorked the genie; sending down a barrel which landed right on the goal line. Spoilt by the Saints and brought to ground, it was all hands on deck to try and salvage a goal. The pill bobbled around until none other than The General – Huggies lashed out with the left boot and punted it through the big sticks for a 6 pointer. A huge turning point in the game as the momentum swung in the way of the Power.

Lisa and Ashlee’s 4th quarter was something else. Coach Crowe spoke a lot out each player having ‘their moment’ and by gee by gingo in the fair dinkum department, they stood out more than Bill Lawry’s nose. Courageous contested possessions saw many links from the middle to the key forward, Ashlee. On many occasions she side stepped a would be tackler and unveiled a long bomb for a flood of Power players to attack. Throughout the last term, we managed to chip away with 6 behinds giving us a healthy buffer. In the end we were just too strong and too slick for the Saints, skipping away to a 10 point lead. As the final siren went, Power Hill erupted into rejoice and jubilation. Hands on heads and despair for the losers. However, Womens AFL is the real winner, full credit to the Saints, they never gave up. To add the icing on the cake, our Captain, Huggies, was award Best On Ground. Come of the moment, come of the champion.

Hats off to Matt Crowe, Huggies and the team for a spectacular season.

Yours in Football, and until next year.


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