Boy Band ‘3Phaze’ in Turmoil

17th June, 2010

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Shock and disbelief on the streets of Sydney this morning at the news that Menai teen band, 3Phaze, are believed to be on the verge of splitting up following their bizarre failure to attend the recent Nickelodeon TV awards where they were billed as the headline act. Allegations of the split have gained momentum this morning following claims by entertainment guru, Richard Wilkins on Channel Nine’s Today Show that the most successful boy band to have ever come out of Western Sydney, had fallen out and were considering breaking up. Fans of the boy band around the world are said to be in mourning, with reports of 8-year old girls in New Zealand holding vigils outside their local primary schools in the hope that the news is not true.

The fallout does come as somewhat of a surprise to most 3Phaze fans as they had only last week announced their first ‘world tour’ which was to see them perform in both New Zealand and country Victoria.

An insider at 3Phaze’s hotel in Rooty Hill said “Skipper and Bieber looked as if they were going out of their way to avoid each other. The only time I saw them together was when they checked in and they seemed more like arch-enemies than mates from the look on their faces.”

The insider added “They didnt even get the lift up to their rooms together and they ordered their room service separately so they obviously ate apart. They were supposed to meet with some music journalists together but even that didnt happen because Bieber never showed.”

The band (pictured right in better times), comprising Matt Young-Brown, Marshall ‘Skipper’ Hangtuff and teenage heartthrob Mitchell Beiber shot to fame at the end of 2009 following the release of their self-titled debut album which included the number 1 hits, ‘Bumfluff’, ‘Just the three of us’ and the powerful love ballad ‘You’re my wet dream’.

Since it’s release the band has enjoyed phenomenal highs in what is well known as a cut throat industry, and their popularity, particularly with teenage boys, saw them take away an unprecedented five Arias at this years awards, including the much coveted ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Single of the Year’ and ‘Best Pre-Adolescent Group’. They were said to be recording their currently untitled 2nd album which was due for release later this year.

When they’re not in the recording studio, all three bands members enjoy AFL, playing in the Southern Power First Grade side in the Sydney AFL competition. No doubt it is the opportunity to get their hands on lots of balls and jump on each other’s backs that attracts them to the game.

At the heart of the problem appears to be a rumour that a mystery 4th member is set to join these talented youngsters.

There is also some speculation that Beiber is looking to start a solo career after he was heard saying that without his boyish good looks the band would still be playing for free drinks at Bangor Tavern in Sydney’s west. Beiber, was recently seen walking around in a violet bathrobe with a pink hair-clip holding his fringe out of his face. Understandable, as this can be quite annoying when applying foundation.

Rumours of the split cap off an already tough couple of weeks for 3Phaze front-man and spiritual leader Marshal Hangtuff, or ‘Skipper’ as he is known to his legion of fans after he was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his wrist from signing autographs and continually engaging in the 3Phaze handshake. His rumoured return to the football field this weekend is an encouraging sign that things might not be as bad as first feared.

Skipper faced the media yesterday afternoon to try and quash rumours of the split. “The three of us are as rock solid as ever. So much so I even let Mitch and Matt take turns of sitting in the front seat with me just yesterday. I’m even playing footy dis weekend with em so stuff can’t be heaps bay ay?”

In a recent interview with Dolly magazine, Skipper hosed down speculation of a split when he was quoted as saying “We will never have a fourth member, we are called 3Phaze for gods sake, 4Phaze doesn’t even make sense!” “Also, it will be too squashy in the back of Aggett’s car” Skipper added, referring to 3Phaze’s private chauffer Liam Aggett who has taken to driving the boys to all their engagements and appearances since previous driver G-spot was sacked for ramming an alleged “Paparazzo” and almost breaking Young-Brown’s little toe when trying to get photos of the band in compromising positions.

It was later revealed that the alleged photographer was actually Barney driving home from football training.

When Aggett was quizzed about Skipper’s comments he said “I do have a front seat so I don’t really understand his concern, I do find it a bit unusual that they all sit in the back and they have blacked out my rear view mirror!”

The biggest indicator of a split could come from the once loyal chauffer after Aggett was been linked with Justin (younger brother of Mitchell) Beiber, apparently having been offered the chauffering duties on the next leg of his European tour. Aggett is due to meet with Beiber’s manager in London next Wednesday to confirm the appointment.

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