2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes

5th November, 2014

Southern Power AFC – 2014 Annual General Meeting


Wednesday 22 October 2014


7pm at Club Kirrawee (101 Oak Rd, Kirrawee)


1)    Attendees: Lauren Hodgson, Ryan Murphy, Andrew Denoon, Cameron Roe, Ryan King-Thornburg, Yvette Roma, Kathryn Hull

Apologies: Brian Cloney, Clare O’Brien, Adam Cook, Jason Dunbar, Matthew Crowe


2)    2013 AGM minutes


Tabled and accepted


3)    President’s report on season 2014 (Lauren Hodgson)


Copy attached with minutes, see: 2014 Presidents Report


4)    Financial Report (Ryan King Thornburg)


$22000 started the year (approx)

$9600 holding Waratah

$9000 finishing the year (approx)

Kathryn Hull (2014 registrar) has cash and cheque to bank from remaining rego (tbc amount, approx $500)

We bought a lot of footies and uniforms capital expenditure.

Uniforms are fine for 2015 however may have to buy minimal extras next year in smaller sizes (small shorts and male polos all gone, no x-small were ordered initially).


5)    Constitution Review


It has been identified by the 2014 committee that a review of the club’s Constitution is required. The 2014 Executive Committee recommend that the Constitution be reviewed over the next 12 months by a working group to include the 2015 President, and at least one other member of the 2015 Executive Committee. Following the AGM expressions of interest will be sought from club members to join this working group. Ryan Murphy has agreed to help.


6)    Election of Committee for 2015 season

2015 positions nominated, seconded and accepted:



President: Lauren Hodgson

Vice President: Cameron Roe

Vice Presdient: Brian Cloney

Secretary: Ryan Murphy

Treasurer: Ryan King-Thornburg


Social Committee Manager: Cameron Roe

Football Operations Manager: Remains vacant

Communications Manager: Remains vacant


Subcommittees to also be established under the committee managers. Expressions of interest include:

Social: Yvette Rome, Andrew Denoon, Alex Paul

Football Operations: Remains vacant

Communications: Danielle Dunajcik, Clare O’Brien


7)    Election of non committee roles for 2015 season


Club Registrar: Kathryn Hull

Assistant Club Registrars: Matthew Last, Melissa Ciraolo

Sponsorship Coordinator: Matthew Crowe


8)    General Business
Limited discussions, committee members to follow up vacant committee or sub-committee positions, to
be filled at next meeting preferably

–       Mid November meeting prior to preseason: 9 Nov 2014 TBC

–       Next Wednesday 29 Oct 2014 meeting with execs to discuss coaches


20:35 meeting closed

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