2012 Committee

14th November, 2011

Following the Southern Power AGM held on 10th November, a new committee has been elected to lead the Club into 2012.

  • Club President – Simon Davies
  • Vice President – Jason Dunbar
  • Vice President – Lauren Hodgson
  • Secretary – Matt Graham
  • Treasurer – Ryan King-Thornburg
  • Registrar – Dave Bell
  • Womens Registrar – Kathryn Hull
  • Junior Development Officer – Marshall Cairnduff
  • General Committee – Liam Aggett, Liam Davis, Ben Jansson, Rebekak Lucas, Rod Bloomfield, Ryan Fornasari, Cheyne Anderson, Toby Pemberton, Brad Cavanagh, Rod Loxley, Daniel Stanton, Matt Young, Stu Cloney, Anthony Graf, John Wakeman, Mitchell New, Phil Hamer.

A 2012 Planning Meeting will take place soon which all committee, players and members are welcome to attend as we put together a plan for 2012 and beyond.

Bring on 2012!

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