2010 Major Raffle

11th June, 2010

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Last night we started handing out raffle ticket books to all players which is part of our major fundraiser for 2010. (if you didn’t get one you will need to collect one at training next week).

Tickets are $5 each and the draw is on Saturday 10th July (at a venue to be confirmed). This means you only have 4 weeks exactly to sell the tickets.

There are no ticket numbers on the books so what you need to do is complete the buyers name, contact number and their contact to the club (if not a player). Then tear off the larger part of the ticket with some of the prize details and give to the buyer. Keep the butt’s and then before the 10th July return all butts to Libba, Bill or Matt so they can be added to the ticket barrel on the night.

The current prize list I have attached to the email and as you can see there are some great prizes to be won including the top prize of $1500 CASH (which a player won last year) so it should not be hard to sell tickets.

As an incentive for players to sell the tickets, we are holding a side draw for $500 cash which is open to players only.

For any player who sells 20 tickets they receive 1 ticket in this side draw. Then for every 10 additional tickets you sell you will receive another ticket in this side draw.

For any player who sells all 50 tickets in their book, they will receive 6 tickets in the side draw.

All monies from this raffle will assist in helping us with our plans for Waratah Park at Sutherland to become our new home ground!

To make this move we need to build new amenities (new changerooms) and the club needs to contribute a significant amount for this to happen. So basically, the more tickets we sell, the more money the club makes and the sooner we can get off Gwawley – a pretty good incentive you would think! (more details on the progress of this move to come)

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Each player has a ‘captain’ who will be pumping his ‘team’ up to sell, sell, sell…

Any questions either drop us an email or speak with Libba, Bill or Matt at training.

Email: info@southernpower.com.au

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